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Collars and Cuffs for Polo Shirts

Our collars and cuffs are knitted from 100% cotton in all of our standard pique fabric shades. You can buy the collars in any quantity; the cuffs are purchased as pairs and again can be purchased in any quantity. Our collars and cuffs are sold pre-washed for reduced shrinkage.

We can knit tips and stripes into the collars - see below for our section on tipped and striped collars and cuffs.


We supply collars and cuffs in 4 sizes:

Size Collars Cuffs
Small Childs 37 x 8.5cm 25 x 2cm
Childrens 39 x 9cm 26 x 2cm
Adults 41.5 x 10cm 31.5 x 3cm
XL 43 x 10cm 33.5 x 3cm


We knit plain collars from our pique stock colours (see the shade chart on the pique fabric page).

Undyed Collars/Cuffs

We can supply undyed collars and cuffs.

Unwashed Collars and Cuffs

Our collars and cuffs are washed (as standard) before we sell them, to reduce shrinkage. This should give the best result when making into garments. However, if you want collars and cuffs which haven't been washed, please contact us. We should be able to provide these (although we may have to knit them to your order). These are normally cheaper than the "washed" version. These collars/cuffs will not have been draw-threaded either - they will be "straight off the machine". Please ensure you state "unwashed" each time you order.

Tipped and Striped Collars and Cuffs

Tips and stripes on collars and cuffs are a very simple, traditional and cost effective way of making a polo shirt smarter and more individual for an organisation. The shade for the tip or stripe doesn't have to be one of our standard shades - we can source virtually any shade for the tips/stripes. You can alternatively supply us with the dyed yarn for the tip/stripe.

Plain collar

Plain collar

Tipped collar

Tipped collar

Collar with single stripe

Single Stripe

collar with tip and stripe

Tip and Stripe

collar with double stripe

Double Stripe

The stripes don't have to be in the same colour - please contact us if you would like more information on different coloured stripes. If you want to supply us with yarn for tips or stripes please contact us for the technical information on yarn requirements.


Please contact us for details of our prices.